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Teaching Resources
The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles,
but to irrigate deserts.
C S Lewis
We at Madhubun Educational Books provide the channels through which the water can flow.
Our support for facilitators provides a variety of components:

Teacher’s Support Book

with clearly defined Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Lesson Plans with learning strategies that enhance the teaching-learning process Rubrics that facilitate the assessment system by providing detailed criteria for skill based activity Answers for each question including the subjective ones

Audio CDs

Listening skills and Comprehension are intensified through the medium of Audio CDs in track mode. Rhymes and Stories have also been included.

Test Generator

Using the resource of more than a thousand questions in each subject, this tool enables the facilitator to create his/her own Test Paper for assessment.

Web Support

A multitude of questions provided through Question Banks for extra practise. These can be downloaded, edited and printed.

i-books for Facilitator

Interactive digital books that make the classroom scenario interactive and fun.

Animated CDs

These magnify the content through visual interpretation of the text.